4 Cool Watch Styles to Consider

I’m all for technology advancing the world we live in, I really am. But when it starts to encroach on the world of fashion I rarely see a positive outcome.  And for all Apple’s design capabilities, there was just no way they could make a watch which makes you look like anything more than a nerd, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

The Apple watch, and the other smart watches it spawned into the market just aren’t cool, there is just no other way to say it.

Apple watch - just say no

Apple watch – just say no

If you are in the market for a watch, then don’t be tempted by technology, here are 4 far cooler watch styles to consider, and none of them will need charging overnight!


A classic look in both male and female styles the chronograph has multiple dials which keep the clock ticking but also add an air of classic style to the watch face.  Regardless of the strap style, the chronograph face is a classic style and far better than a screen of apps!

chronograph watch


An advance on the chronograph and probably one more for the men than the ladies, the military watch style is an advancement on the chronograph and generally comes with a bigger face and more dials.  It says rugged, manly, prepared.

Military watch

G Shock

This has quietly become a classic watch having stood the test of time and never really gone out of fashion.  Less formal than a military or chronograph and great for every day wear the G-shock is equally suitable for a man or a woman as it comes in different sizes and shapes.

g shock watch

The Pocket Watch

Alternative is cool.  And what could be more alternative than taking a step back in time and donning a pocket watch as your timepiece of choice? It wouldn’t be at home in the pocket of your jeans and so only really suitable for more formal occasions unless you wear a suit every day. But you wont fail to raise a comment if people see you pulling this out of your pocket to tell the time.

pocket watch

Watches can be a great investment from both a fashion and a monetary perspective. And if you were to go shopping for pre-owned watches, then you can grab yourself a serious bargain.  Just don’t go for the smart watch option, as they are seriously uncool!

4 ‘celebrities’ who don’t do subtle

Lady Gaga

Meat dress? I don’t think I need to say any more!

lady gaga

Nicki Minaj

That record cover! And that’s not the only time she has been outrageous.

nicki minage

Pamela Anderson

From the days of the red swimsuit, to sex tapes, to now, Pam is always exposed and never reserved.

pamela anderson


Growing old disgracefully, Madge is still making outrageous headlines even at the ripe old age of 57.

madonna revealing outfit

Sheer Leggings, just no!

Summer is great for fashion, especially for girls. Greater options for clothes, the chance to feel the suns warmth on your skin, rock a pair of shades.

But there has been a worrying trend in recent years which is threatening to spoil our lovely summer in 2016 too. The sheer legging.

Why in hells name anybody would knowingly put on a pair of pants which showed off their underwear is lost on me.  And the reality is, for 95% of females, it is not a good look!

You probably think you look like this:

nice ass sheer leggings

But the reality is more likely something closer to this:

fat ass sheer leggings

So ladies please, say no to sheer leggings this summer and every summer in the future. It’s not a good look, and there are better ways to get a bit of attention.

Anything for One Day Like This

December 2012. It was a bitter winters evening and the crowds of Manchester’s bars were welcoming the warmth inside.  A warmth amplified by the excitement of the evening ahead.

An eclectic mix made up the 16,000 heading to the arena that evening.  Elbow attract a crowd ranging from young indie hipsters to Grand Parents appreciative of their instrumental tones.

I headed to the Arena with a group of 7 or so.  A colleague from work whom shared an appreciation of their work, my best friend with whom I have shared many a poignant moment. And a wider group who I know, but not well.

After a few warm up drinks we headed into the arena in high spirits and joined a crowd expecting something special. And we weren’t to be disappointed.

An emotional roller coaster of anthems, exhausting in its journey though joy, sadness, empathy, love and anger.

One Day Like This has a special place in my heart but the highlight was unexpected. Open Arms, a lesser known album track created a moment that lives with me 3 years on.

7 of us, mere acquaintances a few hours earlier. Arms round each other and rhythmically swaying as we belted out the chorus; “we’ve got open arms for broken hearts like yours my boy come home again”.

A feeling of togetherness that is the very root of the song’s lyrics. A perfect moment.

Music has a unique ability to create these moments. To stir emotions and feelings that live long in the memory.

elbow at manchester arena

Image courtesy of MEN Media

The great news for us all is that Chill Home Insurance are providing the opportunity for somebody to create their own perfect, memorable moment at the sold out Bruce Springsteen gig taking place at Croke Park on May 27th. If you want to find you own perfect moment you can find out more here: www.chill.ie/win-Bruce-Springsteen-tickets-2016

What your sunglasses say about you

Choosing sunglasses is a perilous task.  What looks good on somebody else might not on you due to the size and shape of your face.  But the glasses you eventually choose tells people a lot about you so choose carefully. Here are four styles and what they say about you!

“I like to pretend I’m into free love and smoking marijuana”……you’re probably not

hippy sunglasses

“I secretly wish to I had been in Top Gun”

mirrored aviators

“Kourtney is like SO my idol….”

oversized sunglasses

“At the weekend I like to ride mountain bikes and go hiking”



If you can’t decide which look to go for, I found this handy guide to measuring for the right sunglasses styles from the guys over at EVO

Inked with regret

Tattoos have been around for centuries in some cultures. But became popularised in the UK 60s and 70s within certain sub cultures. Specifically those associated with rebellion.

Since then they’ve flowed in and out of fashion. The 90’s and 2000’s saw an increase in tattoos among young adults, almost most of them were terrible.

Case point, tribal!

Case point, tribal!

But in the last 8 years or so tattoo’s have become more associated with art than rebellion. And their size and prominence has increased dramatically.

Line up a group of ten 25 year old’s in 2016 and your likely to see at least one full sleeve and a number of visible inkings.

Once this generation reach retirement garden centres will be littered with tattoo’d clientèle. Ink protruding from M&S shirt sleeves.

Will they, as a generation, come to popularise tattoos amongst the elderly? Or will they be a generation who regrets their youthful belief that an arm covered in clouds and angles was a good idea?

I guess only time will tell.

Music & Cool

Music is cool, and if you’re cool you like music. The two things go hand in hand.

But cool is an opinion, a personal view-point on the world. So nobody can really say whether your taste in music makes you cool or not. Aside from a general consensus that what constitutes ‘popular music’ is not cool, other than that it is opinion.

Personally I think there is too much snobbery around music. Too many people turn their back on an artist or a genre due to some preconceived view on whether it is ‘cool’.

My view is that music should elicit a feeling and emotion. Whether that’s happiness, sadness, fun or just something that takes you back to a moment in your life. You shouldn’t worry about the artist, the genre, other people’s opinions or anything else. If it brings about a welling of a feeling or emotion that you enjoy, there is no shame in it.

Don’t take the view of other people into account or worry what others might think of you. Secretly love the new tune by Beyonce when a your friends love rock? Don’t be ashamed. Can’t help but want to jump out of your stilettos to an old Metallica number? Embrace it. Love a bit of old school happy hardcore……ok maybe too far.

Facial hair & cool

The beard.  For centuries a symbol of masculinity but through the 80s, 90s, and 00s largely snubbed in a fashion sense.  Throughout this period beards where the property of Science teachers and David Bellamy.

David Bellamy, bearded TV presenter

David Bellamy, bearded TV presenter

But in the past 4 years or so beards have made a comeback.  Not so much as a sign of masculinity, more of a hipster fashion statement.  Facial hair and grooming is now an acceptable conversation over pints of lager, an environment where the mere mention of beard oil would have caused disgust in times gone by.

I feel though we may have reached peak beard.  The point at which they stop being cool and return to their natural habitat of science laboratories and nature reserves.

The emergence of the top knot haircut as ‘a thing’ and its negative association with beards has meant it is impossible to sport facial hair without people assuming you drink organic craft beer, smoke a pipe and ride a unicycle.

I therefore officially pronounce the beard uncool and banish it back from the depths it came.

Why the beard must die

Why the beard must die

What are you REALLY addicted to?

I make no secret of the fat that I am a coffee addict.  I don’t overload on it but my morning coffee (OK coffees!) are a passion of mine and something I enjoy.

No doubt some of this is linked to a caffeine addiction of sorts, although like most addicts I maintain I could stop if I wanted to!

I am not talking Mocha Choca Frappacino with extra shot, extra cream and sprinkles though. I’m talking real coffee.  Hot water filter through ground coffee beans originating from South America.  Darker than Satan’s soul and hot enough to send a warm glow coursing through your body. Mmmmmmm coffee.

And I Don’t mean Americano either. Watered down excuse for a coffee that seems to have replaced the real filtered goodness.

As a result of this love I frequent coffee shops. Not Costa or Cafe Nero as they don’t serve real coffee.  Starbucks or independents.

And as I sit there enjoying the warmth and flavour of a Peruvian or Bolivian bean, I observe the ‘coffee’ habits of others.  And what I have concluded after a lot of observations is 70-80% of people don’t enjoy, or aren’t addicted to coffee at all. The actual coffee consumed by most of the people handing over money at the tills is minimal.

For the most part what they are consuming falls into the category of dairy, or sugar. Their large latte with hazelnut syrup and extra sugar is probably only 20% coffee. And the mocha with cream sprinkles and cinnamon. Diabetes in a cup.

As much as these are the ramblings of a coffee snob, I find this an interesting observation of habits and perspective. A lot of behaviour is not as obvious to understand as it may seem on first glance. Root causes of behaviour are often hidden beneath the surface and need to be analysed to be understood.

Back to my coffee.